A warm Welcome!

From the team of Essence of Pure Light’ by De Groene Linde Netherlands

I, Simone would like to personally welcome you as the representative for the United Kingdom. We have specially built a website for the UK and English speaking population throughout the wider world. Together with Marianne,Ton and Rebecca we are here for you.

Marianne started De Groene Linde and it was Marianne her ambition to serve all the English speaking people with her 100% pure natural, handmade, healing scent frequencies. This site is the first result in that ambition. For me it’s an honner to be “her” representative for the UK.

The positive responses experienced from so many people across The Netherlands and many other parts of mainland Europe has been a joy to observe. It made me her best “ambassador”.

Introduction working visits

As part of the introduction and support to the UK of these very special products I will be arranging some working visits to various parts of the UK to combing introductory workshops for the’ Essences of Pure Light’.

About De Groene Linde Netherlands

De Groene Linde is a family business in North part of Holland and since 2007 active on the private and business market. We sell an extensive range of oils and aurasprays.

A little bit of magic……

Marianne is the founder of De Groene Linde and started the business at home back in the year 2007. She always had a passion for essential oils and those days she was a practitioner poly-energetic therapy with her own website. With some motivation from her husband Ton, she started a webshop.
Her first idea came as a wish to make an essence that caputured the energy of the Angels. She started writing the text for the essence of the first three Angels from the Angel range. Without having the actual essence ready, she had put the text on the website just to see what would happen. By the end of the day she had sold three bottles! And that’s when she had to make the essence….
After this, De Groene Linde started to grow and became the company it is today. Still with the same passion for the products as when the company was first started!
On behalf of the entire team,

Scented greetings,

Ton and Marianne Leeuwrik