From essential oil to aroma frequencies

A healing effect! It is known that fragrances have a positive effect on the body.
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But also on emotional energetic and spiritual level have essential oils a stunning effect. To ensure this effect is purely with pure natural raw materials of high quality. All these fragrance compositions are made by hand. For centuries are essential oils used as support in diseases, improve health and moods. About 60 years ago the French chemist René Maurice Gattefossé to the covering with the name aromatherapy essential oil.

What is an aroma frequency and why does it work?

As you may know all matter is composed of countless particles, which vibrate in respect to each other. That vibration is measured in units of Hertz (Hz.). Your body is made up of solid matter, but also from an electric field, also called an aura.
The scientist R. Rife developed a Frequency Generator. He discovered that substances with higher frequency when met with substances of a lower frequency can be changed or destroyed. Later, Bruce Tainio developed equipment that can measure Bio-frequencies. Which meant that the frequencies of humans and food could be observed.

For example, the following products were measured:
Description productFrequency
Canned and processed foods0 Hz
Fresh products15 Hz
Dried spices12 – 22 Hz
Fresh herbs20 – 27 Hz

Essential oils started at 52 Hz and ranged up to 320 Hz!

Because of this discovery and with further research it has been proven that essential oils can have a positive effect on the physical level. Scientists then started to focus on the energetic field of the human being. Here, too, it was found that essential oils have a positive effect.
Also, it was found that patients in a hospital felt better emotionally after evaporation of an essential oil. Even after minimal exposure and inhalation of essential oil showed that these patients were less anxious and calmer than patients who were not exposed to essential oils. One could assume that essential oils on an emotional level could bring about effective change. This is also experienced in Laurens hospital in Rotterdam. There they use special aroma frequencies from Essence of Pure Light.

The power of positive intent

There have been several tests with  ‘intention’. Positive thoughts and prayers have consciously or unconsciously have had a major influence on the frequency of the energetic body, and as it turned out, even on essential oils. Oil that was showered with negative expressions had a rate decrease of 12 Hz. When there were positive thoughts sent to an oil it raised 10 Hz frequency. And the process of prayer the frequency went up by 15 Hz. (Bruce Tainio).

This is one of the reasons that we manufacture and process all our healing fragrance frequencies by hand. Each fragrance frequency has its own purpose and intention, which is given in the manufacture of a stock bottle.

The founder and owner of Essence of Pure Light – Marianne Leeuwrik – created all the frequencies. With her knowledge of essentiol oils and their scents in combination with her ability to connect with Spirit, she comes to new creations.

With positive intent for a certain range of products, for exemple our Spiritual Development range, she doesn’t have to smell the oil herself to know that the product will be affective. Once she has put all the essential oils together, she will know the healing frequency is ready when she feels a sensation down her spine. After this process, she will have the product tested by a small group of people. Without them knowing the intention of the product, the experiences of the testing panel match her intention for the product. The aroma frequency is ready for the shop!

What does a healing scent frequency work with you?

Take Mother Earth for example, the best selling fragrance frequency from Essence of Pure Light.

A lot of people suffer from symptoms which have their origins in poor grounding, which may include poor sleep, poor concentration, difficulty to focus, you feel unsafe, you do not feel at home, headaches … there are many complaints that you can link to poor grounding.

You can use the frequency Mother Earth to assist your energetic body to ground and strengthen your aura. This then allows the aura to cleanse and strengthen itself in a natural way. You will then feel a greater sensation of being safe and supported.  Your energy can then flow in a more balanced way around you. Your headaches may disappear, your focus will become stronger and with your energy in greater balance you have a better and deeper sleep and you will wake up more rested.

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