How are the odor frequencies established?
Essential oils have a positive effect on body and mind, Marianne has also experienced. "I found out that by mixing the various single essential oils, unique odor frequencies are created.
By expressing an intention and connecting with the Source, I come to new creations. "

"I have built up a scent memory and so I don't even have to smell the oil to know if the frequency I am looking for is good and effective."
Intention and creation works
Marianne continues: "Because of the intention I have and being able to sense the theme that I want to create, I come to special combinations (odor frequencies) that, if you check the regular books on it, 'make no sense'. But thanks to the combination of the oils chosen, the effect is certainly achieved. "

"When I have combined the different oils, I feel a tingling sensation going through my spine. This is a sign to me that the new odor frequency is ready."
Test group positive than in the assortment
"I first have a small group of acquaintances test and feel my new creations and ask their opinion. Without knowing what they are testing, the experiences often correspond to the intention I wanted to achieve.

Then the odor frequency is ready to be displayed in the showroom, at the various stores, professionals and on the website. "