The ease of a Roll on!

The rollers of De Groene Linde are made from 100% pure natural essential oil and cold-pressed organic Jojoba oil. That is why all roll us can be used directly on the skin. They are also handy to carry in your bag. The roll ons are great for children too. You can have them used without danger. The roll on is particularly easy to use at school.

The different roll-ons
In the meantime, we already have a lot of roll-ons in our assortment and you can divide the rollers into the different scent lines. For example, we have the children's line and the HSP line in roll on. And the most important roll us such as Aura rescue, Aura protect and Earth are scents that come from the different lines. In addition, we also have the roll-ons that belong in the Drugstore such as the Green Muskito, Happy travel and Itsy Bitsy roll on.

How do you use the roll-on?
The roll on that you have chosen is normative in this case. If you have opted for a roll on that is meant for a particular chakra, you naturally roll it around this chakra. Consider Clear 5 and the Plexus protect.
You roll the other rollers that you use to support your energetic on the inside of your wrists, at the back of your neck and on your breastbone.
The Earth roll on can also be rolled on the bottom of your feet or in your knee.
You can also use the rollers from the Drugstore that way, but it is wise to use a little more of that. Consider the Groene Moskiet and the Teken roller. You roll itsy bitsy on the itchy spots and you can also roll the Happy travel in your hands and then inhale the scent.

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