Groen Etui met 44 testbuisjes van de remedies van de Groene Linde

Test kit Remedies and scent frequencies.
The remedies and scent frequencies of the Groene Linde are widely used by therapists. They are intended to be used as a test substance. Test boxes are available for various scent lines and remedies. A test kit contains all the odors from the relevant scent line. A tube contains 1.5 ml of oil or remedy. You can also use the test box privately to have all the odor frequencies at home. They are just not meant to use the scents in a burner or something similar. They are then purely intended to use the energy from the tubes.
How do you know which tube to use?
To determine which odor frequency or Remedy is currently applicable, you can use your pendulum, biotensor or go by your own feelings. You can also commute with your body. Then hold the tube near your solar plexus, just above your navel, and then ask if this scent or remedy is the most effective at the moment. If your body falls forward it is a YES and if you fall backwards it is a NO. Then ask a check question. "Am I a girl?" o.i.d. Then you can determine whether falling forward is really your YES.
The tube can also be read in by professional test equipment
Apply the test tubes
If you have found the right frequency then you can do the following to use the energy from the tube.
1. Carry the tubes with you in your pocket or bra. If you want you can hold the tube for a while.
2. Put the tested tubes in your bed. Then put them in the pillowcase so that you don't lose them.
3. With the scents you can open the tube and smell it for a while so that the frequency enters your body and aura. With the remedies this makes no sense because the remedies do not smell.

The test tubes are a valuable asset and very suitable for people who cannot tolerate scents.